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Metrodyne Microsystem Corp. was incorporated in 1997, is the first one use MEMS (Micro Electronic Machine System) semiconductor skills to produce component of pressure sensor in Taiwan. As the founder and leader in this industry, Metrodyne Microsystem Corp. has built its reputation by offering advanced and high quality pressure sensor.

Metrodyne dedicates in latest production to produce and offer high quality pressure sensor, using in medical, industrial, automotive and consumer electrical products of each kind of products。Also gained the domestic and international companies approval and adopted.

As the professional pressure sensor provider,Metrodyne also assists our customers to develop multi-purpose of pressure sensor's application, and dedicate ourselves to make our customers satisfy their requirements. We will make every efforts to spread the application of pressure sensor.

Company name Metrodyne Microsystem Corp.
Establish 1997
Certification ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors
1 to 500psi, DIP/SMD Package,
Uncompensated/Integrated Pressure Sensors


To be a global preferred vendor of pressure sensing solutions.


Core Competence

Competitive product solution
Optimum manufacturing process
In-house packaging and testing


Quality Policy

Full Participation
Continuous Improvement
Service Innovation
Customer First


Environmental Policy

In line with government environmental regulations and environmental requirements of the relevant groups.
Effective use of resources, reduce the consumption of raw materials and resources.
Continuous implementation of pollution prevention and management, continuous improvement.
Implementation of education and training to enhance emergency response capacity of all staff.
Improve the working environment conditions, maintain employee health and safety.

ISO 9001